We are at the forefront of developing new science and integrating historical treatment.

The Minder® system is based on decades of learning, research and development primarily with and for sufferers of refractory epilepsy.

Today physicians are using Minder to reveal previously unseen brain activity. Follow us on LinkedIn, which is the primary place where you can connect with us, join the discussion and stay up to date with our progress.

Together we can take more steps towards greater freedom for patients.

Overview of current value for physicians.

Reveal the unseen events

Minder may be particularly effective for refractory patients. Especially to capture more data and not rely on subjective patient feedback or diaries.

Data is captured 24/7 potentially revealing:

  • type of seizure, duration and number
  • severity of condition
  • seizure onset location (lateralisation)
  • nocturnal events
  • analyse interictal activity (high & low frequencies)

Patient management

Potential for physicians to see the effects of medication changes as well as triggers such as:

  • lifestyle
  • sleep quality
  • stress
  • exercise
  • menstrual cycles

Additionally, you can easily record triggers against the data for future reference.

Clinical science efficacy and use

During the past 4 years, many major papers have been published (which can be found on this page), along with over 20 clinical studies.

This research is illuminating a new understanding of triggers and the predictability of seizures.

Evidence based knowledge for revealing unseen events.

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