Welcome to our journey.

You have found us at a very exciting moment in our journey. Decades of research, global collaboration and connecting with remarkable people living with refractory epilepsy. Upon this foundation, we are at the forefront of new promising solutions.

Since beginning the clinical trial, new insights have begun to reveal a potential roadmap, which could improve the management of epilepsy. Ultimately we want to provide people with more freedom from seizures, symptoms and drug side effects.

The journey to more freedom begins with one word: data.

The investigational Minder® system is today revealing unseen events. But that is just the beginning.

Thanks to advancements in AI and Deep Learning, we see the opportunity to create more freedom, with predictability, early seizure alerts and highly personalised treatment plans. To achieve this requires data which we are collecting via clinical trials.

Interested in participating in our clinical trial?

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